Benulal Dhar: The Central Themes of Material Ethics


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Values, Experience, and Person

The book entitled The Central Themes of Material Ethics: Values, Experience, and Person is an attempt to analyze Max Scheler’s material (non-formal) ethics, which is an anti-thesis to Kant’s ethical formalism. While the author remains focused upon his insightful exposition of the three central themes of Scheler’s material ethics, namely, the status of values, the experience of values, and the moral person, he also perceptively examines the critical relationship of material ethics with that of the formal. This book will be helpful not only for those who are interested in understanding material ethics in relation to the ethical formalism but also for those readers who are eager to be acquainted with the ethical trend in phenomenological philosophy.

Benulal Dhar is a senior faculty and teaches philosophy at Sukanta Mahavidyalaya (University of North Bengal), West Bengal, India. He was a recipient of prestigious DAAD fellowship under Indo-German Cultural Exchange Programme and studied phenomenology sometime at Tuebingen University, Germany. His publications include Phenomenological Ethics: An Introduction (Jaipur, 2008) and a number of papers published in reputed academic journals.

ISBN 978-389688-449-7, 146 Seiten, 2011

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