Christian Gellinek: Young Schleiermacher and the Transatlantic Connection


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A Mosaic of Early Mormons

Professor emeritus Christian Gellinek carried out the research for these essays at the Universität Münster and at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Whereas the reception of this most famous nineteenth century German theologian’s thinking has been elucidated for Britain, Schleiermacher’s influence on US reformed theology has not been presented coherently or criticized from an American Free Church point of view. How this young Berlin professor and preacher (and briefly under secretary of Prussian education) connected these two Christian worlds across the Atlantic has not been illuminated before. But an almost ‚romantic ribbon‘ fluttered from a new university, founded by Humboldt and his Prussian king, and breathed life into New Zion, launched by a German immigrant educator Karl Maeser and his Yankee prophet gone West. Reverberations in the early stages of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throw light on the unity of and on differences within the Christian religion.

ISBN 978-3-89688-197-3, 116 Seiten, 2004

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