Jürgen Altmann: Military Uses of Microsystem Technologies


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Dangers and Preventive Arms Control

Microsystem technologies (MST) are similar to microelectronics, but use mechanical, optical, chemical etc. principles, providing sensors, actuators, and information-processing capabilities. Research and development is underway for implants in the human body and for autonomous mini/micro robots. High-technology armed forces want to use MST in many ways: from smart materials and sensor nets, via centimetre-size power engines and guidance systems for munitions, to micro robots and electronically controlled insects for surveillance and attack. The book applies the concept of preventive arms control to MST. Military applications of MST are presented. Dangers which they would entail – for international treaties, military stability, civilian society – are discussed. Considering civilian benefits of MST, preventive limits are recommended in certain areas.

ISBN 3-89688-119-1, 154 Seiten, 2002

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