Richard Millman: A History of Antisemitism in the World


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A History of Antisemitism in the World is a lively and profound study that brings forth the forces of antisemitism along with Jewish resistance to it. From ancient pagan attitudes towards Jews, to the Crusades, to the Spanish Inquisition, the Shoah and beyond, we are a witness of the events. Many of histories most famous personalities like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Torquemada the first Inquisitor, Napoleon, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini etc. are in view in this study. The book shows how Jewish belief in themselves was the main element that helped them survive up until the beginning of modern times, afterwards however, many began to become ambivalent to their origins. Nevertheless, Richard Millman ends on a positive note, as he fully believes the Jewish people can once again rally and thrive. All in all, it is an amazing story that readers will flock to and enjoy.

Richard Millman, is a renown expert on antisemitism and the Jewish question, as well as the extreme right-wing in Europe. He has often been consulted by the media and has given numerous conferences on those subjects. He has many publications in diverse languages, most notably (in French) La Question juive entre les deux guerres: Ligues de droite et antisemitisme en France, Paris, 1992; (in English) Jewish Anticlericaism and the Rise of Modern French Antisemitism, in History, June 1992 & (in Hebrew) France Zionism & Israel, in Nativ, June 2002.

ISBN 978-3-89688-371-1, 468 Seiten, 2009

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